okay, old news is good news ...

steve edsy, the bass player from signature has left the building. we need a new bass player, now. 

much thanks to steve for great job. so, if any of you bass players i know out there think you can step up,
and also deal with my crazy cartoon animated ass, give me a call. things with the band are sounding great
and gelling well though. "but of course!" you say. everybody in the band is singing, and working on new material.
we're constantly coming up with great stuff all the time. vocals are starting to come together as well but it takes
a lot of work. sammy's got a great natural voice that's always
 in key. WOW! now there's a schocker. don't hear
alot of that these  days. he's also a huge help to the band with our 
vocals. now i just have to teach him to count,
1,2,3.... seriosly though, he's great! rei continues to reign as the 
powerful conductor who remains in the driver seat
as principal writer, and sometimes punisher/enforcer.
 but every band has to have a hitler in it or shit would get insane.
the band should be doing some great things in the
 near future so keep yor eyes and ears wide open.
we'll let you know.

as far as my music goes, it's been interesting, considering i've had 2 machines go down on me right in the middle
of recordings. the second time was @ the last 16 bars of a song. that was like a drop kick to my huevos by a super
ninja! in case some of my audience doesn't speek spanish, that means my "nuts" ! i've posted a few new things
on the site which include some funny insane shit from the No Mercy days rehearsing at marcs place back in 97.
i hope the guys in the band get to check it out, as it will bring back a lot of fond memories. i'm trying to locate
some pictures of the guys and post them up there in the gallery. the players are as follow: lefty collins-lead vocals,
lead guitar: magic chef-lead vocals, harmonica: kenny reif-lead vocals, bass: marc andrews-guitar:

matt torossi-drums, percussion, vocals off the mic, like all the other bands. ha-ha!
the new original music i've posted by me includes an electric version of "jimmy's song" and "years gone by".
i'm also writing a new song about my trip to italy and ireland, which was completely fantastic! the song was inspired
by my wife's family and my close friends. hopefully i'll be done soon with it. not much to it. but seriously i'm still trying
to finish the god blessed record. don't want to put out a piece of crap!

i continue to play with the always goodlooking, and never drink refusing family band, finbarr fagan and paddy go ez.
we had agreat time in ireland for sheila and jimmy's wedding. just wish we could've stayed a little longer.
god bless them! they're a special couple, and for once i'm not being sarcastic. all the best to my family, friends, and fans!
see you soon!

p.s. a huge thanks to Kathy Green for all her help with my website, which would not exist if it wasn't for her expertise
and patience with me. lets face it, we all know i can be apain in the ass, so just imagine dealing with me for a website.

thanks kathy! cheers!